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Team Sports
While Team Sports counts for a credit class, it allows students to participate in off-site competitive athletics with peers from other Nonpublic Schools. Students learn sportsmanship, discipline and get a great workout. Students who wish to participate in Team Sports must maintain a GPA of 2.0, or better and demonstrate responsibility for their behavior and citizenship at school.
School Clubs
Currently, Hawthorne Academy offers many extracurricular activities. Clubs include: Student Council, Music Club, Book Club, Weight Training and Video Appreciation. More opportunities will be arriving in the summer!


Sometimes students need extra assistance to succeed in the classroom. Hawthorne Academy offers tutoring to students who would benefit from some extra time and personalized assistance.

Tutoring is available daily during lunch time. Tutoring is provided by certificated teachers, aides and peer tutors, on a sign up basis, for students who require assistance during the school day.

After school tutoring from certificated teachers and aides is available on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:50-3:30, on a sign up basis for students who are available after normal school hours.

Guidance counseling is available to students who are interested in attending universities, colleges, junior colleges, and occupational centers, as well as assistance helping students with employment.
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